Mission Statement
Digby Dance was a modern dance company in existence in Boston from 2001-2005 and NYC 2005-2009. The company’s final performance was at the 92nd St Y in May 2009. Kate Digby continues to choreograph, perform and teach and for now this website will serve as both an archive of Digby Dance and a place where Ms. Digby can keep record of her ongoing work.

Current Projects
Kate Digby is currently working on the following projects:

• “Search for Simurgh” is a collaboration, now posthumously, with Montreal-based multi-media artist Roya Movafegh that will invite audience members to explore a sensory-rich environment of metallic trees planted in sand with low-volume audio recordings linked to each tree as well as a sound score that will fill the entire space. A landscape of human limbs will evolve over an extended duration into fully articulated choreography that will sweep and swell in and around the audience-participants, thereby effacing the divide between the watcher and the watched as all reflect on the next step on their path.

• “Biosensing” is an early-stage collaboration with multiple artists and scientists in the US and Canada using biosensors to track autonomic nervous system functions (e.g. heart rate, breathing) of both performers and audience members and link changes in lights, sound, set pieces and costumes to these rhythms. Our current focus is creating a well-funded research platform and unified team so that we can sustain the creation and presentation of multiple works of art over a period of years.

• “If I could just go to sleep…” is a film using 3-D animation and dance to represent the visions and dreams a close friend and I shared during her brief terminal illness. It explores death and dying, surrender, rage, forced emigration, freedom, formlessness, destruction of the environment, humans shifting into and out of animal, mineral and vegetative forms, diving into gravesites and floating in suspended MRI machines, antlers racing in the forest, raging lions burrowing in desert sands, baby-bird births, a whale sweeping up what’s left of the environment, and an eagle-winged couple renewing vows.

© 2015 Kate Digby