Alexandra Beller
Choreographer of Why Things Fall

Boston chapter of national organization uniting the diverse talents of artists of color. Digby Dance collaborator.

Boston Conservatory
The alma mater of many current and past Digby Dance members .

Farnsworth/Blalock Photography
Photographer of photos on this site except repertory 1999-2002.

Bruce Grover
Composer of the music for I swim… and Llama Dreams, writer of the text for Side-up/Down, Digby Dance board member

Liz Linder
Photographer Digby Dance repertory 1999-2002.

Tinderbox Studios
Design firm that created this site

Tracy Strain
Videographer who created the segment featuring Digby Dance in the WGBH documentary Greater Boston Arts

Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts
The high school Kate Digby attended
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