Here’s a selection of what the press has been saying about Digby Dance.

“There are plenty of young, well-trained women in the greater Boston area who aspire to become successful choreographers, though only a few hold the singularity and imagination for the job. Kate Digby has both those attributes and more.” – The Boston Herald

“Since the 26-year old choreographer founded Digby Dance in 2000, she’s created a mysterious body of work distinguished by intricate ensemble passages and a slick sense of design.” – The Boston Herald

“One of Boston’s most innovative new dance companies” –The Boston Metro

“Sensationally weird” – Bay Windows

“Digby strives for variety and achieves it beautifully.”
– Boston Magazine

“The movement is expansive and lyrical with rhythmic punch.” – The Boston Globe

“…striking, original movement.” – The Boston Tab

“Digby Program Shines With Mature Artistry”
– Headline, The Boston Herald

“Choreographer Kate Digby sculpts kinetic, surprising, frequently bold visual statements, full of repeated but never repetitious movements.” – The Jewish Advocate

“Polished and impressive…” – The Boston Herald

“Rambunctiously eclectic” – The Boston Globe

“The most stunning of three premieres was a substantial, developed ensemble work titled Absolute Zero... Like Digby's mesmerizing Llama Dreams, this is choreography as landscape.” – The Boston Herald

“The most intriguing premiere on the program was Kate Digby’s Llama Dreams. Digby, a stunning mover, spent much of the piece on all fours, head to the ground and hands curled inward to form hoof-like stumps. As Melissa Kenny and Irma Leissring, rolled on the floor, accompanied by their own rhythmic breathing, Shannon Andrews, reaching, stretching and curling inward, seemed trapped in an invisible cage. All seemed curiously weighed down until Camilla Finlay in an elegant orange gown, appeared to magically unleash them, and they moved about the space pawing the air and stamping the ground. It was a strange but compelling puzzle.” – The Boston Globe

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