The following works have been explored to varying degrees and most have had at least one informal showing, but they have not yet been funded long enough to be finished. If you’d like to help these creations come into existence, please visit the commission a piece page.

Search for Simurgh is a collaboration, now posthumously, with Montreal-based multi-media artist Roya Movafegh that will invite audience members to explore a sensory-rich environment of metallic trees planted in sand with low-volume audio recordings linked to each tree as well as a sound score that will fill the entire space. A landscape of human limbs will evolve over an extended duration into fully articulated choreography that will sweep and swell in and around the audience-participants, thereby effacing the divide between the watcher and the watched as all reflect on the next step on their path.

Lizard Lady

Composer Nick Stoia has written a hysterical dance suite, and choreographer Kate Digby has begun creating a series of cartoon character solos to each section. The first one is a Lizard Lady dressed in a grasshopper green mini-skirt and pumps who crawls around the stage trying to stop time.
© 2015 Kate Digby