Staging dance is an art unto itself. When it’s done well, the work looks beautiful and the dancers stay safe. If you are interested in presenting Digby Dance, the list below outlines our basic needs. The tech requirements for How to Watch a Dance Performance are specified in its brochure. Please contact us with any questions.

Performance Space:

  • clean and flat marley or hardwood
  • at least 25’ wide by 22’ deep for shows with 3 or less dancers, at least 35’ wide by 25’ deep for full company performances
  • no screws, nails, splinters, divots, outlets, wires or cables in the floor
  • no poles or other support mechanisms within the performance space
  • performance space, warm-up area, backstage and dressing rooms shall be heated to a minimum of 72 degrees Fahrenheit at all times the company is present


  • speakers for audience and monitors for stage
  • system that is CD-R capable, with tape deck if the show includes You’re It!


  • While the lighting design is an important aspect of the presentation of all of our pieces, the vast majority of our repertory can be performed in a studio setting. The following pieces cannot be performed without professional stage lighting: Absolute Zero, Massive Departure, Llama Dreams, Why Things Fall, I swim forward with wavering resolve.


  • dressing rooms for men and women
  • bathrooms for men and women
  • private room at least 15’ x 20’ with clean, flat, non-abrasive floor available for warm-up at least the 1.5 hours before the performance
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